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Glass Torch Technologies - Phantom Torch

CODE: 310115

Price: $1,629.00

  • 2 Stud 
  • 4 Stud (+$100.00)


This torch ships free. The Phantom torch comes in 2 stud or 4 stud version. It has a powerful Lynx 7 jet center fire and 14 jet outer fire utilizing GTT's Triple Mix Technology to provide unparalleled power for all glass types.

Because of the unique production of GTT Torches, the real time stock tracking is not active on this product. Please call us on 1800 499 579 for delivery times.

Ideal for both soft or hard glass the Phantom produces a variety of flame types from a soft bushy flame to a hard driving flame and the flame chemistry achieved with the Triple Mix technology lets you work any glass easily.

Available in 2 stud or 4 stud version. The 2 stud is used when the fuel and oxygen come from a single source (or concentrators Y'ed together) when no foot pedal is to be used now or in the future.

The 4 stud version allows for the most flexibility for any set up. Primarily used for a foot pedal to turn the outer fire on and off. The 4 stud can also make sue of different oxygen sources such as a concentrator on the center fire and tanked oxygen on the outer fire.  Here the fuel would be Y'ed together at the torch for simplicity. 

The 2 and 4 stud work identically with the only change being the way the fuel and oxygen are supplied to the torch.

A foot pedal is not a requirement for the 4 stud torch as the hoses can be Y'ed back together to use single fuel and oxygen sources giving you the option to use a pedal in the future.