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Beadmaking DVD by Kristina Logan

CODE: 520129


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Kristina Logan is internationally renown for her precisely patterned and highly delicate glass beads. In this video Christina shows you her process of... More

The Secret to Stringer Control - Corina Tettinger

CODE: 520109


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Corina Tettinger is renown worldwide for her expertise and knowledge in Lampworking. In particular, her stringer control. Corina is a generous teacher and... More

Marbles - The Flow (CD)

CODE: 520139


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This is a collection of projects in PDF format from more than 8 years of Flow Magazine articles and tutorials. The majority of these projects are stpe by... More

The Flow Advanced Techniques (CD)

CODE: 520140


This Advanced Techniques CD is a collection of projects in PDF format. Learn from over eight years of The Flow archives of tutorials and articles. All... More

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Making Dichroic Beads

CODE: 520112


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Pat Frantz. This video clearly shows the methods Pat Fratz developed to use dichroic coated glass to make radiant, colorful lampworked beads. This video will... More

Aquarium Beads

CODE: 520103


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By Patty Walton. A well presented video demonstrating in details how to make an Aquarium Bead, plus, button making.

Essential Beadmaking by Freeman Corbin

CODE: 520133


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An exciting and informative encyclopedia of beadmaking techniques. A must have DVD for any beadmaker.

Essential Boro Beadmaking DVD by Freeman Corbin

CODE: 520134


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An exciting visual encyclopaedia of boroscilicate beadmaking techniques.

Beadmaking 101

CODE: 520110


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Pat Frantz - DVD. Get started in making your own glass beads. It's easier than you think! Two parts DVD that takes you through beadmaking essentials and... More

Hot Glass Workshop Vol.2 Phantom Flower

CODE: 520114


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With Timothy L Keyzers. 35 minutes of semi instructional demonstration on the wonder of constructing a borosilicate Phantom Flower marble. Use techniques... More

All Fired Up - by Lauri Copeland

CODE: 520136

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This DVD will show you how to create a variety of beads both off and on mandrel. Including the "Kimono" series from soft glass and wine stopper and "Amoeba"... More

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All That Glitters by Lisa St Martin

CODE: 520123


Lisa is renown for her cutting edge use of dichroic glass, metal inclusion and gold fuming. As a teacher for 30 years, she shares her vast knowledge of... More

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Essential Lampworking 2 DVD by Freeman Corbin

CODE: 520131


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Five renown craftsmen combine for you to learn from. Using 3D animation, narration and step by step demonstration, you will learn techniques essential to... More

Essential Marbles DVD by Freeman Corbin

CODE: 520132


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Learn techniques for borosilicate marble making. Take an in depth look on the basic to advanced boro marble techniques. This DVD is ideal for the lampworker... More

The Art of Beadmaking DVD

CODE: 520106


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by Brad Pearson. Learn how to make off mandrel: Fish beads Two part pendants Off-mandrel hearts Tribal mask beads These are all demonstrated... More

Hot Glass Workshop Vol.1 Vortex Marbles

CODE: 520115


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With Timothy Keyzers. From easy to advanced learn how to make marbles using frit, stringers, dichroics and silver fuming. 45 minutes

Essential Lampworking DVD by Freeman Corbin

CODE: 520130


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A visual encyclopedia of lampworking techniques such as Latticinos, Ribbons, Marbles, Opposing Spirals, Reversals, Sectional Welding, Tube Work, Fuming,... More

Essential Lampworking for Beginners DVD

CODE: 520137


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Jenny Newtson and Freeman Corbin take your through a journey of how to set up a studio and the tools and equipment you will need. They also take you step by... More

Boro Hearts - Volume 2

CODE: 520111

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Brent Graber. This DVD is an in depth video tutorial on Brent's signature Boro Heart. It covers everything you need to know with 5 different heart... More

Making Inside-Out Beads DVD

CODE: 520105


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With Shannon Hill. DVD instructions for those want to learn the inside out technique. From beginning to advanced methods of hollow beadmaking with...

An Introduction to Using Borocolor

CODE: 520101


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An Introduction to using Borocolor, by Milon Townsend. First in a series of six videos. This video explains the natures of the different color families,... More

Boro Bead Magic DVD

CODE: 520104


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By Douglas Remschneider. Douglas shows you how to use tools, techniques and temperature to create a number of beads from simple layered canes of borosilicate... More

Flamework: An Intimate Art - Suellen Fowler

CODE: 520149


"Flamework - An Intinate Art" by Suellen Fowler. Demonstrates the techniques she uses to mix color, sculpts a fire-breathing dragon, creates a perfume bottle... More

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